I have founded 2 successful companies Epicc Vascular and Epicc Holdings I now want to focus on my next passion,Cosmetics. I wanted my line to not only make women more beautiful but I wanted the names of the colors to have meaning to those who wore them. I wanted the names to represent the strong,driven,ambitious woman that I am and those that I know. My lipsticks and lip liners are named Massive Success, Empowered, Trailblazer, Closing Contracts, Like A Boss, All or Nothing, Undefeatable,and Risk Taker.My mineral eyeshadows are named after women I know that are strong, beautiful and unstoppable.I have 4 makeup palettes with 6 eyeshadows, a mineral blush and creamy highlighter that are named, Let Them Talk, Ha Ha Haters, Watch Me Win, and Goal Digger.My blushes and highlighters are named CEO, Epicc Empire, Colossal, Champion, Dominion, and Legendary.These names were chosen to inspire and empower you to have the attitude that has made me successful. Buenrostro is my maiden name and it means “good face” Epicc is the name of the 2 companies I have founded so it made sense to combine the two and create Buenrostro by Epicc.I want you wake up in the morning and choose a color that has a meaning behind it, a name that sets your attitude for the day!

Much Love,